Basic Folding Wood Luggage Stand

Affordable Folding Wood Luggage Stand


$47.95  $60.00 

   3 or More  -  $39.95 ea
   6 or More  -   $35.95 ea
12 or More  -  $34.50 ea

This basic luggage stand was designed to be affordable while still delivering commercial grade quality . Provide your house guests with the same convenience they find in hotels around the world. Makes accessing clothes hassle free and eliminates uncomfortable bending over. Perfect for any guest room, cottage or beach house, or for the regular traveler.  Made of solid hardwood with a mahogany finish. This folding unit features high quality washable straps.  Quickly opens and closes for easy setup, transportation and storage.  No assembly required.

Dimensions:   20” Tall   26 ” Wide  17” Deep


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