Stone Panel Ashtrays & Waste Receptacles

Square Ash-Trash Smoking Urn with Stone Panels

Ash Trash Urn with Stone Panels
$249.95  $300

Tall Ash Trash Outdoor Waste Receptacle

Tall Ash Trash
with Sand Top

$460.00  $550

25 Gallon Stone Panel Waste Receptacle with Dome Top

24 Gal. Receptacle  with Stone Panels
$399.00  $465


29 Gal. Receptacle with Stone Panels
$599.00  $775.00

Ash/Trash Waste REceptacle with RainProof Top

Ash Trash with RainProof Top
$280.00  $300

48 Gallon Stone Panel Waste Receptacle

48 Gal. Receptacle  with Stone Panels
$699.00  $1,100

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