Smokers Outpost Patio Table Receptacle - White

Smokers Outpost Patio Table Receptacle Ashtray


Smokers Outpost Ashtray

$85.00  $49.95

This 30” Tall Cigarette Butt receptacle features a 15” removable table that makes a practical piece of furniture while serving as an ashtray. Perfect for seated areas next to the pool or on the patio.  Easier and less time-consuming to clean than open urn ashtrays.  Standard screw closure, tie down holes and optional bolting hardware pack make security simple. Easy to clean! Just unlock and lift top to empty.  Pail liner included for your convenience.

Dimensions:  30” Tall  12” Wide  12” Deep

 Tie-Down Security Cable

Smokers Outpost Patio Security Cable

Tie Down Security Cable Kit
$15.00  $12.95

The Ultimate Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Smokers' Oasis - Charcoal

$160 $139.95
All-Metal Receptacle

Smokers Oasis Cigarete B utt Receptacle- Sandstone

$160 $139.95
All-Metal Receptacle

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