Outdoor / Covered Ashtrays - Outside Ashtrays

Clear Glass Tabletop Ashtrays
Metal Floor Ashtrays & Smoking  Urns

Floor Ashtray (Sand Top)
$55.95 - $67.95

Table Flip-Top Ashtray - Large Capacity
Ash/Trash Waste Receptacles
Large Premium Waste Receptacle

Large Ash-Trash Receptacle
 $250  $220.00

Wall Mountable Ashtrays & Smoking Urns

Wall Ashtray & Smoking Urns
$45 - $120

Smokers Outpost Plastic Ashtrays
$39.95 - $74.95

Wall Mounted Smokers Post/ Pole Ashtray

Wall Mounted Smokers Posts
$85  $64.95

Plastic Outside Ashtrays
Plastic Outdoor Cigarette Butt Holder
Patio Table Plastic Outdoor Ashtray

Patio Table Outpost
$85  $49.95

Locking Smokers Oasis Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Locking Cigarette

$190  $164.95

Table Top Ashtrays
Glass, Metal, Flip-Top and More


Waste Receptacles
Indoor, Outdoor, Step-On and More

Streetscape Outdoor Waste Receptacle
Step-On Waste Receptacles
Satin Stainless Steel with Push Door Waste Receptacle

Above is our full selection of Cigarette Butt Cans, Cigarette Butt Containers, and Outdoor Ashtrays and Outside Ashtrays, and Cigarette Butt Holders.

Triangular Ashtray

Pyramid Ashtray Butt Containers
$140 $120.00

Stainless Steel Half-Round Waste Receptacles

Stainless Steel Half Round
$290 - $310

Base-Mounted Cigarette Receptacles
Base-Mounted Cigarette Receptacles

Base-Mounted Cigarette Receptacle
$400  $340.00

Long Neck Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle

Bottle Shaped Cigarette Receptacles
$270  $225.00

Large Capacity Cigarette Receptacle
$300  $310.00

Large Capacity Outside Cigarette Receptacles

Pavillion Ashtray Cigarette Ashtrays
$80 $59.00

Coverd Pavillion Ashtray
Wall Mounti Smoking Receptacles

Wall Mount Smoking Receptacles
$100.00 $89.00

Classic Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Classic Cigarette Butt Receptacles
$240  $199.00

A-Series Cigarette Butt Receptacle
$210  $169.95

Ultimate Cigarette Butt Receptacle - Charcoal
Cigarette Butt Receptacle
Pole Ashtrays / Outdoor Smoking Post

Smokers Pole Ashtrays
$160 $139.95

Black Street Post Ashtray
Tan Cigarette Butt Receptacle - Street Post

Street Post Cigarette Ashtray
$185  $155.00

Ultime Cigarette Butt Receptacles
$160  $139.95

Covered Ashtrays
Outdoor Ashtray
Stone Outdoor Ashtray

Square 15 Gal w/ Ashtray Top
$220  $185.00

Square Ashtray & Waste Receptacle

Square Ashtray & Waste Receptacle
$110.00 $95.00

Wide Opening Trash Container and Ashtray

Wide Opening Ashtray & Trash 
$170 $155.00

Large Capacity Waste Receptacle with Ashtray Top

Large  Trash can with Ashtray
$450  $359.95

Square Trash Can with Ashtray Top

38 Gal Trash Can
w/ Ashtray Top

$270 $230.00

Table Ashtray Post

Premium Table
Ashtray Post

$110   $89.95

Smokers Receptacle

Outdoor Smokers Receptacle
$135  $74.95

Covered Wall Ashtray

Covered Wall Ashtray
$140  $99.95

Pillar Post Ashtray
$200  $179.95

Pillar Post Ashtray
Outdoor Stainless Steel Wall Ashtray

Stainless Steel Wall Ashtray
$175  $149

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