Pillar Post Cigarette Receptacle

Pillar Post Cigarette Receptacle

Model # LSP4450

$200   $179.00

This outdoor cigarette butt receptacle is as simple as they come.  Super small opening on the top allows cigarettes to be placed into the ashtray, while keeping out almost everything else, and only allowing the bare minimum of oxygen in for faster extinguishing of smoldering embers.  Smoking logo on the front of this unit makes it clear that unit is an ashtray.  Cement pillar post look allows the receptacle to blend in almost anywhere.  Unit is made of heavy duty plastic with an aluminum opening and steel inner container for holding thousands of smoked cigarettes.  Top opens for easy emptying, and features built-in holes to allow unit to be locked closed with standard padlocks. 

Dimensions:   25” Tall  x  9” Diameter

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