Personal Cigarette Butt Receptacle Ashtray

Personal Cigarette Butt Receptacle Ashtray - DC100 Backyard Ashtray & Poolside Ashtray
Desktop Cigarette Ashtray Receptacle
Golf Personal Sized Ashtray Container

Model # DC100

$19.95   $30.00

This unique receptacle takes personal ashtrays to the next level by holding 3 times more than the typical table top ashtray.  Rounded top closes to quickly extinguish finished cigarettes, contain odors, keep rain out, and prevent spillage. Fits in most cup holders, and also features a clip on the back.  Unit is made of heavy duty commercial grade plastic. Ashtrays is easily cleaned in any sink or dishwasher. Holds 40+ cigarette butts and ash. Perfect for use in cars for easy, and less frequent emptying.

Dimensions:    Height: 7.5”      Diameter: 4”

    3 or More - 5% off

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