Dual Mop Bucket Trolley & Wringer- 35 Quarts

Dual Mop Bucket Wringer Trolley

Model # SWP7680

Double Mop Bucket Wringer

$160.00  $200

This two bucket trolley features a bucket in bucket system keeps clean water separate from dirty water by having the wringer squeeze dirty water directly into an inner removable bucket.   Includes removable high efficiency side press wringer.  Unit is designed to minimize splashing to keep floors and walls clean.  Each bucket has its own pail handle. Specially crafted wheels are designed to make less noise than standard mop bucket trolleys.  Made of commercial grade molded plastic and steel, this mop bucket and wringer system is designed to stand up to heavy duty use. Holds 35 quarts.

Dimensions:  22.4” L  x  16.5” W  x  38.6” T

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