Commercial Grade Garment Racks - Mobile & Stationary

36" garment rack with casters and optional hangers

36” Double Bar model with wheels & optional hangers pictured above.

Chrome 48" Double Bar Garment Rack with boot rack, casters and hangers

48” Double Bar model with wheels, optional boot rack and optional hangers pictured above.

We have the garment rack that fits your needs! The perfect coat & hat storage solution. All standard units include two coat hanging bars to maximize hanging capacity. Available in 3 different sizes with or without wheels. All units are heavy duty, constructed of sturdy chrome plated 18 gage steel. Mobile Garment Racks with wheels include brakes for 2 wheels. Optional boot rack is perforated to allow for drying of shoes, boots and other items.

Dimensions:  60” Tall    20” Deep

36” WIDE

36”  wide Garment Rack without wheels


36”  wide Garment Rack WITH WHEELS


36”  wide BOOT RACK


48” WIDE

48”  wide Garment Rack without wheels


48”  wide Garment Rack WITH WHEELS


48”  wide BOOT RACK


60” WIDE

60”  wide Garment Rack without wheels


60”  wide Garment Rack WITH WHEELS


60”  wide BOOT RACK



Metal Hanger

Metal Open Loop Hanger (12 Pack)
$30.00  $21.60

Plastic Open Loop Hanger

Plastic Open Loop Hanger (12 Pack)
$35.00  $28.80

Chrome Open Loop Hangers

Premium Chrome Open Loop Hangers (12 Pack)
$65.00  $55.00

Closed Loop Chrome Plated Hanger

Chrome Closed Loop Hanger
(12 Pack)

$60.00  $49.95

Wood Coat Hanger

Premium Wood Coat Hangers
(12 Pack)

$70.00  $54.00

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